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There is a beauty in the world all around us. All too often we don't take the time to stop and enjoy it. We simply take it for granted. I've made a point over recent years to take notice of these things, specifically in the form of digital photography. My travels have not taken me far at this point, but they will.

It is my hope and desire to share what I see with everyone. If my work can provide an escape, if even momentary to at least one person then I have made the kind of impact that makes my work worthwhile. I want my images to either convey a story or deliver a feeling to whomever looks at them. Ultimately I want to leave a mark that will remain long after I am gone.

I want you to feel the passion and beauty that I feel. Photography is a shared connection between the person who took a photo and the viewer. Nothing would make me happier than to Capture The Vision and share it with you!

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