© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 11259713: The Chair Abstract         slide show (22)

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 7269795: Animals         slide show (26)

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 11382262: Buildings         slide show (11)

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 9411264: Broadway Avenue View Cityscapes         slide show (15)

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 9777487: Engagement         slide show (13)
What better way to announce that special day then to capture those feelings and a little fun on the side with photos?

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 5486254: Heart Strings Fine Art         slide show (17)

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 9609713: Lahaina Sunset Landscapes         slide show (61)

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 11382254: Marine/Sea Life         slide show (16)
Some of the worlds greatest beauty is found beneath the water in a world most of us never see. On occassion these wonderful creatures leave the water for a brief visit to our world. Here are some of the moments captured of these fantastic beings.

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 9566374: Lisa Model Portfolios         slide show (69)
I do both paid and TFCD shoots with existing and aspiring models. Email me with your ideas and lets collaborate on a project that we can both be proud of.

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 7550347: Narrative Work         slide show (8)
Photos that tell a story!

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 10893421: Of The Earth Nature         slide show (52)

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 3439063: Little Lil Pets         slide show (2)

Browse All Photos         slide show

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 10041473: Portraits         slide show (47)

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 6455544: Senior Photos         slide show (13)
A special time in every young adults life. Senior photos capture the memory that will last a lifetime.

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 7622144: Special Projects: Chronicles of a College ...         slide show (10)

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 7462571: Special Projects: Peeping Tom Series         slide show (16)

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 8779231: Special Projects: Personal Reflections         slide show (8)
The distance between childhood and adult really isn't so far apart. Many instances occur where thoughts, feelings or emotions are exactly the same as an adult as they were as a child!

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 8779214: Special Projects: Questionable Commandments         slide show (3)
A series of images that force the viewer to contemplate the real life circumstances that may or may not justify a choice or behavior. It's time we all stop to think instead of judge.

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 7750407: Special Projects: Rags To Riches         slide show (4)
Narrative work documenting the transition of one girl from Rags To Riches

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 7141053: Gluttony Special Projects: Seven Deadly Sins         slide show (20)
This is a classic theme captured through my own personal philosophical interpretation.

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 9629970: Surfer Dude Sports/Action         slide show (6)

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 11382259: Storytelling         slide show (4)
Once in a while you come across a setting that cannot be described. A place or sight that can only be defined by the story you create in your mind. Please let your imagination run wild with these images and write your own story!

© Michael  Wilkie PhotoID# 6693469: Wedding         slide show (14)

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To the complaint "There are no people in these photographs" I respond, There are always two people, the photographer and the viewer.


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